Welcome to the website of the Heaton Graveyard Community Project. Here you can find out more about the Project and it’s activities and background.

Project Background

The Heaton Graveyard Community Project is an independent ‘not-for-distributory-profit’ community organisation, constituted in December 2003, and comprises of a small working party of volunteers.

The Project recognises the place of graveyards in defining their historic environment, the rich source of knowledge they hold and the need for action now to conserve this unique and vulnerable resource.

Project Impact

Heaton Graveyard dates from 1824 and is situated on Highgate at the centre of Heaton Village, a well established local community on the outskirts of Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is not affiliated with, or funded by, any local authority.

Guided walks and talks are available upon request.

A CD of Heaton Graveyard Burial Records and Monumental Inscriptions is available. Read more


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Graveyard signage and flower bed

Looking towards the rear of the graveyard

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