Hookah Tobacco Favorite Flavors and Smells

In the world there are more than 100 flavored tobacco productions for hookah. Hookah consumers can mix every taste before they will have their own favorite smell.


Most of Americans like apple tobacco flavor. Also many people prefer double apple mixed with mint. Mint flavor are preferred by a lot of smokers because it can relax their mind and make the air fresh.


Hookah tobacco is becoming more popular in our days because people move away from traditional Marlboro cigarette smoking. Smoking cigarettes doesn’t hold the same social status and appeal as it once did. Smoking flavored tobacco through a hookah pipe offers an alternative for people who want to smoke socially.


Tobacco smoked through a hookah does not contain many of the harmful ingredients which are common in cigarettes,Guest Posting such as nicotine and tar. The smoke is also cooled by the water in the pipe, making the taste and texture of the smoke cooler and more pleasant.


There are many different tobacco flavors available these days – the possibilities really are limitless, but some flavors have become more popular than others. Fruit flavorings, such as apple, are a common choice. The split is generally somewhere between 25-30% tobacco or herb leaves combined with 70-75% flavoring ingredients.


Other popular tobacco flavors include:










There also numerous custom flavors that have been created in recent years. In fact, it has become popular to have parties where people bring their own special flavors to share amongst their friends. You can combine different flavors together and experiment with various mixes to come up with something new and unusual.


In order to smoke flavored hookah tobacco, you hookah need to actually use a hookah – you can’t smoke it through a cigarette. Because of the added ingredients, the flavored tobacco is too moist to be smoked through a traditional cigarette – the leaves can’t be lit directly, so a hookah charcoal is used to light it.


Flavored hookah tobacco is less contaminated with harmful ingredients than cigarettes. Part of the reason for the rising popularity of flavored tobacco is the intensity of anti-smoking campaigns in the USA and other Western countries.


Remember that Hookah is the good way to make your fantasy working. There more then 100 hookah tobacco production so gourmets in flavors can choose whatever they want. Make experiments, because no one knows what better smells.

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